Terms & Billing

Nursery Direct offers online billing to customers seeking to limit paper and provide digital records of all purchases. At your request, load list paperwork, eInvoices or eStatements may be eMailed directly to your eMail address.

In the near future online billing will include online links to your ND account which will provide your business anytime & anywhere with the following information:

  • Online ‘eOrders’ & order ‘eConfirmations’.
  • Online order status & updates.
  • Online ‘eStatements’.
  • Online purchase history by product, product category & grower.
  • Online total purchase history.

Nursery Direct offers credit terms to qualified customers as a service and convenience during tight cash flow periods typically experienced during spring & fall months. In addition Nursery Direct will soon offer seasonal operating lines to qualified accounts to cover cash flow, complete capital improvement projects, pay employees or pay suppliers.