gardenUP is an online platform built specifically to help garden centers streamline their garden design process. 
  • No more x’s and o’s on the back of a napkin.
  • No more losing quick and easy sales due to a designer backlog.
  • No more customers wondering where their designs are.
  • More professional lead qualification process.
  • More time to focus on upsells.
  • More satisfied customers who will come back again and again.

Garden center employees or their customers answer 5 simple questions. From a library of over 300 tried and true garden designs, our algorithm will filter down to approximately 20-30 designs that suit your project. As each design already exists in the real world, you will get to see pictures of each live garden design, along with an in-color 2D design for each garden.

Our algorithm scales each design to suit your dimensions and provides an accurate plant list for the garden center. From this, you can pick from your own stock and substitute where required, or email this list to us and get it delivered along with your next order.

gardenUP is not meant to replace your designer. gardenUP will help you make those quick and easy sales and provide you with a faster and more professional design process. 

Drive efficiency UP. Make your sales go UP. Send your customer satisfaction UP.

Exclusive Beta Opportunity

We've made some cool and exciting changes to the platform and we are looking for our next round of beta testers to test the platform. Beta testing is free and will give you full use of the platform throughout 2021. We only ask for your input and feedback as we continue to develop and improve upon the platform.

This is your chance to influence the direction of the platform that was created to make design easier and less expensive at the same time.

Would you like to try gardenUP for free?