Nursery Direct Green-Goods Futures

Nursery Direct creates partnerships for your success by offering Green-Goods Futures. Since the introduction of finance, futures contracts have stabilized agricultural prices, stock prices, and event prices by limiting risk; over centuries, futures contracts have become secure, sophisticated, and generally accepted as essential for managing price swings and inventory fluctuations in agricultural markets, stock markets, and event markets (see: Weather Futures).

What are Green-Goods Futures:

Futures contracts for the horticulture industry are known as Green-Goods Futures. Green-Goods Futures allow wholesale nurseries, home centers, landscape contractors, and architects to fix pricing and secure availability for green-goods product in the future. Green-Goods Futures allow horticultural growers to establish inventory levels, maintain cash flows, and confirm sales of scheduled inventory.

Nursery Direct introduced Green-Goods Futures with partner growers in ’98 to meet the distinct size, quantity and quality needs of Nursery Direct customers today and in the future. Nursery Direct invests more than 20% of gross revenues annually with partner growers to secure price, quality, and availability of green-goods product in the future.

How Green-Goods Futures Work:

Any wholesale nursery, home center, garden center, landscape contractor, and architect may agree to terms which include variety, grade, quality, delivery date, and price on contract green-goods material. Nursery growers who partner with Nursery Direct may agree to terms which also include green-goods price, grade, quality, variety, and delivery date. Nursery Direct green-goods customers are always assured the finest quality according to specifications and the reputation of Nursery Direct growers.

Green-Goods Futures benefit both growers of green-goods product and buyers of green-goods product since growers can manage inventories and availabilities while retail centers, home centers, nurseries, landscape architects, and landscape contractors can control price and availability of hard to find green-goods material today and in the future.

Examples of Green-Goods Futures:

Stonegate Gardens in Maryland buys product for spring & fall sales to customers of its wholesale landscape & retail garden center divisions. Each year Stonegate buys all broadleaf evergreens in similar sizes and product quantities for yard inventory based on previous years’ sales. Stonegate buys a similar assortment of broadleaf evergreens year to year in various sizes, but Stonegate typically receives spring order confirmations which do not include varieties or quantities requested. Therefore, Stonegate may choose to purchase a Green-Goods Futures contract from Nursery Direct for broadleaf evergreens from Chesterfield Nurseries.

Stonegate Gardens might purchase a single year or multi-year contract for 2010, ‘11’12, etc. based on their projected broadleaf evergreen sales. Prices are locked in at today’s price, varieties and sizes are confirmed for multiple years, and quality is assured because Nursery Direct contracts with only the finest green-goods growers. With a Green-Goods Futures contract purchased through Nursery Direct, Stonegate Gardens can secure consistent supply of hard to find varieties at fixed pricing now and in the future.

Homestead Landscape Architects in Maine designs commercial landscape projects throughout the Northeast. Homestead might choose to purchase Green-Goods Futures contract from Nursery Direct for Project #2311 in Westchester, NY for 18 Norway Spruce 22/24’ for delivery Spring 2012 because availability of large Norway Spruce is typically difficult to secure, and quality of large Norway Spruce is typically difficult to source.

Valley View Landscape Contractors quotes and supplies green-goods product to jobsites through-out the Northeast. Start times to complete any landscape project is an uncertain and complicated business; however, Schumacher must have Kalmia & Pieris 36/42” available to plant Spring ’11 according to bid specifications. Therefore, Valley View might purchase a Green-Goods Futures contract with Nursery Direct for 384 Kalmia latifolia Sarah 36/42” and 280 Pieris j. Brower’s Beauty 36/42” for planting Spring ’11. With the security of a Green-Goods Futures contract Valley View need not worry that Kalmia & Pieris will be available, price secured, and ready to ship when needed on the job site Spring ‘11.

How to Purchase Product Futures:

To purchase Green-Goods Futures speak with your Nursery Direct representative about your inventory and price requirements for orders or job requests in the future. If you’re a home center, garden center, landscape contractor or wholesale nursery, speak with your Nursery Direct representative about securing existing green-goods orders for upcoming years at Nursery Direct partner growers; the advantage is knowledge that price is secured in the present while product is available every year in the future from respected and trusted Nursery Direct growers.